BAC-IN is a culturally sensitive, peer led, drug & alcohol recovery support service.  We provide support for vulnerable adults & families from Black Asian & Minority Ethnic communities.  A grassroots, award winning service founded in 2003 by individuals in recovery. We believe support from others who have been through addiction is the most effective & therapeutic route to recovery.

We value the power of lived experience and thoroughly believe that you can achieve a life of abstinence through the path of transformative recovery.  We recognise the many challenges & cultural issues being faced by those seeking help and the impact of addiction on families.

We also understand that fear, shame & trust issues can prevent you from reaching out for help. We’ve been there ourselves and can assure you that there is a way out. We have overcome many obstacles and have found freedom from addiction. We want to help you towards a chance of a new start in life and a positive future.

We can help you through 1:1 support, as a family or in a group, through counselling, coaching, mentoring and training. We want to support you to become free from addiction,  improve your relationships, family life and if you need progress towards education, training, volunteering, seeking employment as well as offer help to access housing.

We work collaboratively with GP’s, local services and other appropriate healthcare providers to meet a broad range of needs.

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